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Charlie Reading’s love for fishing started as early as age five. He spent his childhood fishing for cool and warm water fish in the ponds, creeks and river of his grandfather’s farm just outside of Lebanon, Missouri.

His love transitioned to fly fishing when he was fifteen. His first experience was fly fishing for trout. Having “caught the bug” he was soon fly fishing for all fish that could be encountered in the Ozarks.

His education was influenced by his passion for the sport and he became focused on studying and learning about the natural environment, behavior and physiology of various fish species. During Charlie’s return to graduate school he became friends with the person who would later give him the opportunity to take his love and transition to a lifelong business venture.

In 1978 he was hired to run Tony Pack’s fly shop. He worked there until he was able to open Reading’s Fly Shop in 1985.


Fishing Ventures


From 1978 until today Charlie has been fortunate enough to fish both freshwater and saltwater around the globe. He’s made many trips to New Zealand, Christmas Island, Brazil and Argentina. Trips to Russia, New Guinea, Europe, Central America, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic round out his extensive travels. Fly fishing on six out of seven continents has given him an opportunity to gather experience and wisdom not afforded to many: wisdom that can only be gained in the field.

Charlie has a knowledge bank that is unrivaled; including a vast understanding of all equipment, environmental factors and fish behavior. Whether you’re a beginner, just thinking of starting a hobby, or a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills, there’s always something to be gained from a visit to Reading’s.