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Beyond the Brand

By readingsfl43347839, Jun 26 2016 05:18PM

In the world of fly fishing, as with any other hobby, people tend to develop a level of brand loyalty. When they step into the store they already have in their mind what brand of rod or reel they are interested in buying. And that's fine! We all have preferences and sometimes a specific company just conforms to those so we stick with what we know. No one can be faulted for that.

What people don't always realize is there is so much more to it than what rod or reel you want to use. There's a level of personalization that can be acheived. We can fine-tune what you use. If you walk in the door and you know 100% what rod you want we will be glad to sell you that rod. But what we also can offer is far beyond the brand. Beyond the rod. What are you fishing for? That makes a difference. What kind of fly are you planning on using? We need to take that into consideration. Do you roll cast or cast overhead more often? That dictates the type of line that would better perform. Something as simple at the type of leader, the size of tippet you are using can completely change the outcome of your fishing excursion. If you are using the wrong size tippet with the weight and size of fly you choose, then you'll have headaches you didn't even realize were possible.

Often a person walks away and their outfit isn't performing at the top of its potential because a few, seemingly simple, steps weren't taken. No one took the time to ask important questions and find answers. What may seem like a conversation with Charlie is actually a fact-finding mission. Once a person knows a few key points, if knowledgeable enough, they can direct you toward changes that can be made to 'up your game!' Sometimes how you are rigging your rod is as important as the rod itself. If you buy a new car and turn around and put the wrong size tires on it, will it perform correctly? It may still drive, but it won't be exactly 'right.'

What we can offer is just that. Come see us. Let Charlie get to know your plans, your aspirations, fishing goals. And let him help you fine-tune your equipment. Why not take the time and the effort to help yourself? I'm not saying you are doing things wrong! That's not the case. If you are catching fish, then it's a good day regardless of how you are doing it! We can always learn something more than we already know. A tiny, slight change may make all the difference in the world. But if you don't know you should make that change, you can't be faulted. There's so much information available that we can't possibly know it all, especially with busy lives and responsibilities. This is Charlie's life. It's his job to know these things. Sometime's there is much to be gained from a friendly visit with your local professional. It never hurts to check into it!

Oct 28 2016 11:02AM by James Buttz

Charlie is a great guy. He showed me more in 15 min than i was ever shown. Thank you Charlie for taking the time to show me the correct way to cast. The try it before you buy it is best thing ever. And access to the casting pond is wonderful.

Sep 15 2018 05:03AM by Tom

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