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New things are coming!

By guest, Mar 31 2016 11:47AM

Welcome to our vastly improved website! If you visited our old one you'll notice the changes immediately. If you're new here we're glad to have you. Please be lenient with us as this is a learning process. It's a new system that's completely unfamiliar and I'm trying to figure everything out! We're hoping to use this as a way to keep everyone informed of new things at the shop, upcoming events, general information and the like. You can use the form to contact us directly with any questions. We're really excited about this new venture and hope you are as well!

Please check back often, as we will keep it updated with new content regularly.

So, what's new at the shop? If you drive by, you'll notice the HUGE construction project that's currently underway in the field adjacent to the parking lot. When finished, the new casting pond will be amazing! It's going to be plently big enough to accomodate several casters at the same time. And here's the more impressive part....switch and spey rods. Those are the giant, two-handed rods you'll notice in the shop. If you've never seen it done it's quite the show. It's completely different than any other way of fishing and opens up a world of possibilities for those anglers wanting to change things up!

We're also in talks with an architect and construction crew to finalize plans for a building expansion. When complete this will allow us to expand our current product inventory and give us the space we desperately need to host regular classes. We're looking to start holding fly tying classes, fly fishing basics classes, advanced casting lessons, and anything else you might be interested in. All of these on a larger scale than we've been able to host in the past, because we honestly just don't have the room!

We're looking forward to expanding what we offer in the future. Growth is coming and we hope you're as excited as we are!

Jun 24 2016 02:38AM by Ross Dugan

Your new website is looking great. Excited to see what's to come. Take care,


Oct 25 2016 02:49AM by James Buttz

Charlie sold me a rod and taught me how to use it and for this I am a life long customer. Charlie is a fly fishing nut and glad i found him.

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